A beautiful scar: Part 1


Last week was April fools. Jokes were made. Fun was had. One joke though has run it’s course. The “I’m pregnant” joke. First of all, no one will ever believe you on April first, and why is it a joke to be pregnant?

Well, for some people it’s no joke at all and holds a deep scar. I get why people make the joke and try and prank their parents or friends and most people and don’t think about the people who can’t have kids or who have lost their children during pregnancy. I get it. It’s an afterthought. So my goal isn’t to berate anyone for their jokes of past because I truly believe no one has cruel intentions when it comes to that. This is just a PSA for people to think first and realize that for some people, the joke has run it’s course and isn’t funny anymore so please stop.

Being able to have kids is an unattainable life experience for some people and should be treated as a blessing. I’m able to understand this now as I get older and have come across parents who cannot have kids or have lost their kids.

There’s a club out there that no parent wants to be a part of. It’s the group that have lost their children during pregnancy, had stillborn birth or have have experienced SIDS. I cannot imagine having to deal with any of those and I pray every day that don’t and pray for those that have. I have no feeling to compare, so I won’t even try. All I know is I’ve seen the pain and hurt from people around me that have dealt with it and know that it’s described as the “single most crushing life event”.

I’m writing this blog as a two parter. The follow up to this is a first person account from a father who has experienced this loss first hand and how him and his wife have turned their grief and pain into a resource outlet for parents in the same horrible situation. From talking to groups of people to full on golf charities, they are taking this loss and turning it into something beautiful, resourceful and beneficial for parents experiencing loss. Teaching people and giving them the resources they need is crucial.

I’m very blessed to have beautiful children and I’m also very blessed to have amazing friends that believe making a difference in the world to complete strangers is paramount. Selfless acts of humanity should never go unnoticed. They should be praised regularly.

Please go to the link. Read the about page for the back story and like and share the page to help spread the word. Please share this through your email and twitter as well to help spread them word.


And as always,
Love, Kiss, Hug, Lead

P.S. I won’t allow any negative comments about this subject. If your argument is that people are too sensitive, maybe you’re not seeing the situation from the right perspective and that’s all I’m asking people to do here.




5 thoughts on “A beautiful scar: Part 1

  1. You make wonderful points here. I just saw a video clip on Facebook of such a joke. While I didn’t think it was very funny, but it hadn’t occurred to me that many might find it painful. Thanks for your reminder that this is a very sensitive topic.
    Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Tony Zajicek

    You know Double J I know exactly what you are talking about I have been there. Most of my friends and family don’t know this but my first son was stillborn at 6 months into the pregnancy. When the doctor asked if I would like to hold him I said yes I do and I sat and talked to him for about 15-20 min and then he was put to rest. So I know what message you are trying to get across and I support you 100%. All we could do is try again and now I have 3 beautiful children since then that are my life and would not give it up for anything.

  3. Justin Watson

    Every day I am thankful for my Livianna and how she has opened up my eyes. Life is precious. I couldn’t imagine losing her. My heart aches for those who have lost a child. To those who haven’t had the blessing of parenthood never give up hope.

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